6 Key Differences between France Data Rooms and the US

Virtual data rooms are popular services designed to store information about your company and working documentation securely. These services are used for various tasks: during the company’s daily work, due diligence, mergers, and acquisitions.

How are French data rooms different from American data rooms?

France is one of the leading countries in Europe engaged in developing technology. VDR services are no exception. You can meet one of the representatives of this niche on the website diliroom.fr. What are the key differences between French data rooms and American ones?

  1. The default language here is French. Agree; it’s nice to see your native language in the program and not just switch from English to French.
  2. Most often, French residents are involved in the development. French software companies employ a variety of people, but most of them are French.
  3. Programs are carried out taking into account the peculiarities of French legislation. Since the French data rooms are geared primarily towards the French consumer, all templates are made by the laws of France.
  4. There are documentation templates that a business in France should have. French laws prescribe how certain documents should look, for example, during transactions. The programs already contain up-to-date templates to help you quickly draw up documentation.
  5. Support in French. You can contact the software manufacturer anytime, ask questions and hear answers in your native and understandable language.
  6. This is the support of the domestic manufacturer. True patriots will always choose what they have done in their country. This helps to support the economy and show solidarity with developers from France.

However, do not forget that all virtual data rooms are created for international use and are also suitable for residents of France.

What are the benefits of using a virtual data room?

VDR is a great technology that solves the main problem of our time: data storage security.

For some reason, many large companies still trust their data to such unreliable services as Dropbox or Google Drive. Of course, they are ideal for private use, but not corporate use. Information easily floats away to third parties, which greatly compromises the company.

Virtual data rooms have all the tools and technologies to keep your data private:

  • Data encryption is at the level of the most secure banks. The technology used is identical to the developments made for the banking sector.
  • Double authentication, which cannot be fooled – exactly the person it belongs to will enter the account.
  • Photoprotection. An attacker will not be able to take a picture of the files because a special grid is superimposed on them.
  • Flexible access settings – you decide which employee or third-party expert can view and edit files.

The Virtual Data Room is a sign of a mature approach to running a serious business, not a whim!

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