How to download NordVPN?

Technologies that help users stay unnoticed online were previously intended solely for professional use, but in recent years VPNs have become one of the most important tools for anonymous browsing and secure data sharing on the Internet. In this article, we will consider the reasons for using VPNs and provide a guide on how to download NordVPN.

Internet security. What is a VPN and how to use it?

A Virtual Private Network is a mediator between you and the sites you visit, directing all your Internet traffic through a remote server. Because of this, the sites will feel like you are in another country and your real IP address remains unknown. VPNs encrypt the traffic that passes through them, making it difficult for third parties to connect, even if the Wi-Fi network is not secure.

Every user needs to use VPN technology for the following reasons:

  • Data protection. Especially suitable for those users who like to connect to a “free” neighboring Wi-Fi connection, and then find that their card information has been stolen. Such situations include sitting in a cafe and in general in any place.
  • Complete anonymity. When you open a new tab with the site – this action will be displayed on the provider’s server, so that your travel on the Internet can be tracked by any employee of the company. By enabling a VPN, you’ll hide the history of your views or visits because you’re using a different IP address.
  • Ability to surf the Internet without hindrance. Bookmakers, online casinos, torrents, forums, adult sites – all the “underground” of the Internet is again available to you, all as in the past.
  • Use of foreign resources. It is, of course, unlikely that you will use English-language services, such as, but still – full access to all popular sites around the world you are provided.
  • Ability to change location. Some services on the Internet are directly linked to the geographic location corresponding to the IP address used to connect, such as the case of the movie service Netflix, which offers different movie catalogs in different countries.

NordVPN Review

NordVPN is one of the most trusted commercial VPN services. It is essentially a private virtual network, “headquartered” in Panama, a place that does not have a mandatory data storage law. To protect user data, the app uses strong encryption using the AES-256-CBC algorithm, without limiting the bandwidth and, as a result, without reducing the connection speed.

A premium provider like NordVPN offers wide server coverage. It has over 5,200 servers and is not throttled, so your chances of handling congestion during peak hours are minimal. This way you won’t have to deal with buffering and slow loading times.

Another advantage is the double VPN function.  This is a rather unusual feature. It is a “chain” of VPN servers through which your data is routed between two VPN servers, just as it travels between you and the Internet.

Installation process

Registration is a simple matter. First of all, you need to enter a valid email address, but it does not have to be disposable. Well, if you don’t pay in bitcoins, then the app will know your payment details anyway. Once registered, you can download the NordVPN software right away and receive a confirmation email containing links with the following instructions.

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